About us

bankmecu is Australia’s first customer owned responsible bank. Our origins date back to 1957, and today more than 127,000 people and community sector organisations choose to bank with us.

As a customer owned bank, bankmecu is not listed on the stock exchange. Instead, we have a cooperative business model where each and every one of our customers is a shareholder and owner of the bank.

With a single share each, our customers are treated equally, have an equal say in how the bank is run and equally share the benefits of being a bankmecu customer.

And in the best interest of all customers our profits are reinvested back into the bank to provide all customers with fairer fees, better interest rates and the products and services they expect. At the same time we also invest up to 4% of the bank’s after tax profit in addressing a range of community and environmental issues that our customers tell us are important to them.

And because we operate under the same set of prudential standards that apply to all other Australian banks you can be certain that banking with bankmecu is safe and secure.

bankmecu believes that strong synergies exist between social and environmental responsibility and our cooperative approach to banking.

In light of global environmental and economic issues, we recognise the need in our community for a broader measure of 'progress' and common prosperity, other than economic growth alone.

Our responsible approach to banking ensures that we meet the economic, social and environmental performance expectations of our customers, while at the same time protecting, sustaining and enhancing the financial, human and natural capital that’s required to develop bankmecu into the future.

What makes us different is our genuine commitment to translate our customers’ expectations for value as well as social and environmental responsibility into the way we run the Bank.

bankmecu at a glance:

  • 24 service centres throughout Victoria, Queensland, ACT, NSW and South Australia
  • 350 staff
  • 127,000 personal customers
  • 800 community organisation and school customers
  • 90% customer satisfaction
  • More than $3 billion in assets

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About us
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