bankmecu's Conservation Landbank

As part of its commitment to create a sustainable future, bankmecu has purchased five properties situated in Victoria's west Wimmera region:

August 2008 Minimay 201 hectares
May 2010 Judith Eardley Reserve 236 hectares
Apr 2011 Minimay North 220 hectares
Dec 2011 Minimay West 103 hectares
Aug 2012 Apsley 167 hectares


The Conservation Landbank project was established to offset our business of banking.

The Conservation Landbank enables bankmecu to offset the loss of biodiversity resulting from new homes we finance and to offset the carbon emissions generated by cars we finance.

The Bank does this by restoring endemic vegetation and protecting habitat on its properties.

bankmecu has appointed Landcare Australia to project manage the Conservation Landbank, while Trust for Nature oversees the quality of conservation works through its Covenant program. 

The properties, which are equivalent in size to 464 MCG’s, are home to Victoria's most iconic yet endangered bird. Only an estimated 1000 South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoos remain, and these properties, with their Buloke and Desert Stringybark woodlands, provides an ideal habitat for this rare creature.

In addition, the landbank is also home to the Golden Sun Moth, Growling Grass-frog and Striped Legless Lizard.

There is an urgent need to protect Australia's natural heritage on private land. Private bushland contains threatened plants and animals, which are often not found in public parks and reserves. Private bushland also acts as a buffer zone to our much-loved national parks system. With nearly 70 per cent of Victoria cleared of bush it is crucial we act now to conserve and enhance the 1,000,000 hectares of unprotected bush left on Victorian private land.

bankmecu's Landbank sits within the broader framework of the Habitat 141 landscape scale conservation project which is reconnecting habitat from the outback to the ocean. An important project in a changing climate to ensure species mobility and survival.

Over time further properties will be added to the bankmecu Conservation Landbank.

Development of the bankmecu Conservation Landbank would not be possible without the ongoing support bankmecu customers give by choosing to bank with their customer owned bank.

More information

Click to view bankmecu's Convervation Landbank video presentation of Minimay.

Below are some of the pictures taken from Minimay:

Landbank Red Tail Black Cockatooby Mark Shappers
Landbank Reptile - John Tiddy by John Tiddy
Landbank - John Tiddy by John Tiddy
Landbank Kangaroo - John Tiddy by John Tiddy