Community Investment Program.

Through our Community Investment Program, bankmecu makes investments on behalf of our customers to help develop more resilient communities.

In the true spirit of our cooperative structure, investments are made back into the communities from which bankmecu derives its support. The program is funded through the allocation of up to 4 per cent of annual after-tax profits.

Background and values.

As bankmecu grows our values, attitudes, and interests remain the same.

bankmecu strives to provide our customers with value for money, compelling integrated finance solutions, and memorable superior service in a profitable and responsible way.

We choose to work in partnership with community organisations that are also committed to social, environmental and economic responsibility and will share our resources to enhance the well being of our communities of interest.

The Community Investment Program reflects this ongoing commitment we make to our stakeholders.

Objective of the program.

The objective of the bankmecu Community Investment Program is to support activities which help solve economic, social and environmental problems thereby making a positive, measurable and sustainable difference to society. 

Guiding principles.

Communities, which have developed their economic, social and environmental capability, are better positioned to draw on their own resources to become sustainable. To do this, collaboration between governments, the non-government sector, business and the community is essential.

bankmecu is committed to working towards the sustainable development of the communities we are linked with and to finding ways for our customers to assist one another.

Areas of investment.

A process of ongoing stakeholder consultation has identified four areas where community development investment can be focused.

These are:

These focus areas will continually be refined in consultation with our stakeholders. We see stakeholder engagement also providing a forum for community, business and government leaders to come together to discuss solutions to solve complex social and environment problems.


For more information on bankmecu’s Community Investment Program including how to apply please contact bankmecu’s Community Banking team