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Did you know rediATM has more ATMS in more places, Australia-wide? In fact it is one of Australia’s largest ATM networks.

As one of our cardholders, you pay no direct charge fees at any rediATM*.

You’ll find rediATMs all around Australia in places you are most likely to want cash, including shopping centres, street locations and other convenient locations. To withdraw cash, check balances without paying a direct charge fee, click here to find your nearest rediATM using the online locator.

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rediATMs are bright, bold and now they're in more places than ever before. The network already has over 3,100 ATMs across Australia, this includes all NAB ATMs.

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rediATM frequently asked questions


Change your PIN at a rediATM

rediATMs now have the functionality to allow customers to change their PIN at rediATMs that display the “change PIN” option, assuming you know your existing PIN.

If the rediATM provides the PIN change functionality then the option will appear at the foot of the screen once customers have entered their current PIN. It’s simply a matter of selecting the option and following the on screen prompts.

Please note the PIN change functionality is not available at NAB & BOQ operated rediATM’s.

* Although no ATM direct charges apply, individual account charges may still be payable. Contact your financial institution for full details.