Low Rate VISA Credit Card

Rates (effective 15/05/15)


Features and comparisons

  • 100% no marketing guarantee

    A unique feature of our VISA Credit Card is that bankmecu promises to never conduct marketing to card holders, encouraging them to increase their credit limit or level of spending. We call this socially responsible banking.

    VISA card access

    You can withdraw cash from any ATM in Australia and most ATMs worldwide, pay for purchases using EFTPOS or anywhere VISA is accepted, deposit cash or cheques and withdraw cash at over 2,900 Australia Post shops with giroPost®.

  • internet & telephone banking

    Access to your account details at any time of the day or night via the internet, telephone and pay bills from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you have access to the Internet or a telephone.

  • exclusive VISA services

    You have access to exclusive VISA services such as VISA Preferred Seating and VISA Best Buys.

  • fees

  • Visa Checkout 

    Visa Checkout is Visa’s new digital wallet service, designed to make it easier for consumers to shop online by offering consumers a simple and secure way to pay online. Visit our Visa Checkout page.

  • reporting lost or stolen credit cards

    If your card has been stolen or lost, reporting it immediately can minimise the risk of unauthorised use.

    Please contact bankmecu on 132 888 from within Australia or +61 3 9854 4666 if you are located overseas. If you are calling outside of business hours please listen to our after hours message for directions.

    Replacement card:

    If you are within Australia your card will be replaced within 5 working days. If you are overseas, VISA International can organise a replacement card, however it will cost US$175 and will not be issued with a PIN.

    We suggest taking a Cash Passport card as it works just like a credit card (except it is preloaded with money), however a free card replacement can be issued anywhere in the world.

want to know more?

call bankmecu on 132 888 or email us at mail@bankmecu.com.au
Credit Card Brochures and Guides
Personal Loans & Credit Cards Brochure (PDF 543 KB)
Deposit Accounts Brochure (PDF 1.01 MB)
Guide to Getting and Managing Credit (PDF 759 KB)
Budgeting and Saving (PDF 581 KB)
Budget Planner Brochure (PDF 67.2 KB)
Fraud prevention (PDF 191 KB)
Credit Card Key Facts Sheet (PDF 53.3 KB)