borrowing application forms

loan application forms

If you are an existing bankmecu customer with Internet Banking access, you can lodge your loan application directly from Internet Banking. The benefits of doing so include:

  • Sections of your loan application will pre-populate which will save you time in completing your application.
  • Once you submit the application it is automatically uploaded into bankmecu’s loan process system (meaning you application can be processed as quickly as possible)
  • Should you wish to exit the loan application at any point your application will be automatically saved, meaning you can come back to your application at any time and do not have to start at the beginning.

Alternatively, if you do not have Internet Banking and for non customers, you can still lodge your loan applications online by using our secure online loan application or download a hard copy of our loan/overdraft application form in the table below.

Security : This development in no way compromises any of the security you currently experience with Internet Banking. Our Internet Banking uses industry standard HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol security) as the secure protocol between your web browser and the Internet Banking web server to ensure a secure connection is established and maintained. Transactions are encrypted and authenticated as they travel across the Internet by industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the privacy of information. Digital identification certificate technology is employed through VeriSign Inc.

Both Internet Explorer and Netscape will display a locked padlock in the lower status bar to indicate that you are operating in a secure site. You should look for this padlock each time you access Internet Banking.