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effective 15/05/15

type of loanannual percentage ratecomparison rate*
Low Rate Home Loan Special 4.10%p.a. 4.11%p.a.*
goGreen Home Loan Special 4.10%p.a. 4.14%p.a.*
First Home Buyers Loan 4.59%p.a. 4.63%p.a.*
First Home Buyers Loan Package 4.49%p.a. 4.83%p.a.*
Fixed Rate First Home Buyers Home Loan 1 Year  4.45%p.a. 4.62%p.a.*
Fixed Rate First Home Buyers Home Loan 2 Years 4.60%p.a. 4.64%p.a.*
Fixed Rate First Home Buyers Home Loan 3 Years   4.65%p.a. 4.65%p.a.*
Construction Loan $10,000 - $499,999 4.54%p.a. 4.60%p.a.*
Construction Loan $500,000 - $749,999 4.49%p.a. 4.55%p.a.*
Construction Loan $750,000+ 4.44%p.a. 4.50%p.a.*
Basic Home Loan 4.59%p.a. 4.63%p.a.*
goGreen Home Loan 4.44%p.a. 4.48%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan $0 - $249,999 5.09%p.a. 5.13%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan $250,000 - $499,999 4.64%p.a. 4.68%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan $500,000 - $749,999 4.59%p.a. 4.63%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan $750,000+ 4.54%p.a. 4.58%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan Package $250,000 - $499,999 4.54%p.a. 4.88%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan Package $500,000 - $749,999 4.49%p.a. 4.83%p.a.*
Premium Home Loan Package $750,000+ 4.44%p.a. 4.78%p.a.*
Bridging Loan 5.19%p.a. 5.23%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Home Loan 1 Year 4.55%p.a. 4.63%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Home Loan 2 Years 4.70%p.a. 4.65%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Home Loan 3 Years 4.75%p.a.  4.68%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Package 1 Year 4.45%p.a. 4.91%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Package 2 Year 4.60%p.a. 4.93%p.a.*
Fixed Rate Package 3 Year 4.65%p.a. 4.94%p.a.*
Equity Overdraft 5.19%p.a.  

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Please refer to loan fee schedule documents below. Other fees or charges may be applicable to a particular loan and will be disclosed with the loan contract. These fees and charges are available on request.

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